Emergency Treatment Unit & Ambulance

Ninewells operates a well-equipped ETU to provide you with the best emergency and acute care at your time of need. Our trained and dedicated staff is committed to assist you in every possible way for your quick recovery providing 24/7 services for your convenience.

We, at Ninewells ETU, deliver all the treatments required to treat the initial stages of an illness whilst monitoring our patients to stabilise their critical medical conditions.

Additionally, the relevant consultants are informed of the state of the patients and their specialised instructions are followed to ensure the well-being of the patient.

Ninewells owns an ambulance fleet, which is just one call away to aid you in emergency situations. Operating 24hours daily, our ambulance fleet provides you with an incomparable service where our skilled nursing staff attend to your urgent medical needs until you are safely handed over to our trained professionals at the Ninewells ETU.

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