Lactation Management Centre

Ninewells specialises in women and child care and offers you the best solution for the overwhelming, common problem among most of the new mothers: “How to breastfeed my baby?” The experts at “Ninewells Lactation Management Centre” are able to answer any breast feeding queries to help you learn good breast feeding techniques.

Our Lactation Management Centre is committed to offer these services FREE OF CHARGE during the stay for mothers who have delivered their babies at Ninewells. Further, we offer a free consultation with the Breast Feeding Advisor up to seven days following discharge. The centre offers these services at a reasonable price for those who have not delivered their babies at Ninewells.

Breastfeeding is a natural process, yet there are several proper techniques to follow. Breastfeeding is integral for the development of the baby and is required to provide the ideal nutrition for the infant and to help the baby to fight against infections through the antibodies in breast milk.

Thus, we at Ninewells are dedicated to enhance the bond between you and your baby while training you for proper breastfeeding. We are staffed with expert breastfeeding advisors in the country and under their direct supervision, our midwives are ready to guide you as well.

Several services offered by Ninenwells Lactation Management Centre are:

  • Ensuring the correct positioning and the attachment of mother and baby.
  • Counseling mother and the family to overcome stress.
  • Providing dietary advice to the mother during breastfeeding.
  • Early establishment of breastfeeding in order to improve weight gain and reduce malnutrition and dehydration.
  • Improving nutritional status for physical and mental development to protect the baby from infections.


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