Prominently known as the only Sri Lankan private hospital specialising in Women and Child Care, Ninewells provides a wide spectrum of treatments related to women, especially with regard to female reproduction.

At Ninewells, you are given the opportunity to consult the country’s finest Consultant Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Several subspecialties offered at Ninewells include Gynae-oncological Surgery and Urogynaecology.

In addition, Ninewells conducts the  Well-Woman Clinic to ensure your well-being. At our Well-Woman Clinic, we train our clients to do self-examinations of the breast. Equipped with Sri Lanka’s best mammography machine at Ninewells Radiology and Imaging Department, you can get your mammogram done in a serene environment. Pap Smear Investigations too are offered at Ninewells Well-Woman Clinic, in order to detect cervical conditions at an early stage.

Furthermore, to provide health education for a blissful married life, Ninewells conducts a Family Planning Clinic. Whilst educating couples on the importance of contraceptive methods, we give them the freedom to select the most suitable method for them according to their convenience and health conditions.

In the state-of-the-art Theatre Complex at Ninewells, a vast range of gynaecological surgeries can be conducted. Noteworthy to mention is the ability to conduct modern Laparoscopic surgeries by expert Consultant Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Through this surgical procedure several gynaecological surgeries can be performed by keyhole incisions leaving minimal scars with minimal pain. Some of the laparoscopic surgeries that are conducted at Ninewells include removal of the womb/ part of the womb, removal of fibroids, removal of cysts of the ovary, treatment for endometriosis, treatment of ectopic pregnancies, treatment of chronic pelvic pain, treatment of certain gynaecological cancers and infertility treatment.


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