Standing as the ONLY dedicated Women and Childcare private hospital in Sri Lanka, Ninewells Hospital provides international standard facilities for the best quality childcare. In the child-friendly environment of Ninewells, we work to relieve you from stress whilst aiding the speedy recovery of your child.

Ninewells operates a dedicated Intensive Care Unit: Neonatal ICU, equipped with modern incubators, ventilators, blood pressure monitoring and oxygen delivery systems to provide extensive care for a pre-mature baby or a sick newborn. Our trained and experienced Medical Officers and Nursing Staff are at hand, to provide one-to-one care for your baby, as newborn babies should be treated with extra care to ensure their safety during the initial stage of their lives.

Ninewells Hospital possesses a modern ENT Unit, Eye Center, Dental Units and Physiotherapy Unit catering specifically to newborn babies and children. For newborn babies born at Ninewells, we perform a hearing screening test. If required, we refer your baby to the relevant ENT surgeons for further management.

At Ninewells we are well aware that children should be treated in an amiable manner. Thus, Ninewells consists of dedicated wards for paediatric age groups. Knowing the playful nature of children who visit Ninewells, we have a dedicated play area for children near the consultation rooms (Level 1) as well as a Kids Play Area situated at level 4 for children admitted to Ninewells. We are dedicated to making you and your child feel comfortable and at home.

Furthermore, adhering to the standards recommended by the World Health Organization, Ninewells Vaccination Center functions to provide the essential vaccinations to help build your child’s immune system. To prevent your baby from infections, Ninewells Vaccination Center offers high quality and effective vaccines.

In addition, the staff at Ninewells Paediatric Department undergo periodic in-house training programs to acquire the skills necessary to handle any emergency situation. In order to offer quality patient care whilst serving you in a time of need, our Paediatric Department functions 24/7, inclusive of our dedicated medical officers and nursing staff.

Ninewells is also capable of handling a vast range of paediatric surgeries at an affordable price, in our well-equipped operating theatre complex, under the safe guidance of the relevant consultants.

At Ninewells, you are given the opportunity to consult the finest Consultant Paediatricians in Sri Lanka, who are well qualified to treat a wide spectrum of paediatric diseases & illnesses. A few of the Paediatric sub specialties we offer at Ninewells are:

  • Neonatologist
  • Paediatric Cardiologist
  • Paediatric Endocrinologist
  • Paediatric Nephrologist
  • Paediatric Neurologist
  • Paediatric Oncological Surgeon
  • Paediatric Psychologist
  • Speech & Language Therapist
  • Physiotherapist


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