Vaccination Unit

At the Ninewells vaccination centre, we ensure the well-being of you and your loved-ones by providing essential vaccinations to help build your immune system. The Ninewells Vaccination Centre is open from 7.00am to 7.00pm daily, for your convenience.

Offering high quality and effective vaccines through safe injection equipment, at our centre we help both adults and children stay free from infectious diseases.

Moreover, our well trained expert staff in the vaccination centre are committed to offer attentive care to our patients.  The Ninewells vaccination centre offers all the WHO recommended vaccines at an affordable price.

Some of the vaccination available at the Ninewells Vaccination Centre are:

  • Vaccines for pregnant mothers & pre-preagnancy vaccnies
  • Immunization schedule for babies & children
  • Vaccines for travellers
  • Vaccines for students who attend to foreign universities
  • Vaccines for elderly people
  • Occupation related vaccines

(For Pilots, Veterinary healthcare workers, Food handlers etc.)

For further details on Ninewells Vaccination Centre, call us on 0112 049 929.


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