Mrs. Shashee Wijewickrama

අපගේ ජීවිතයේ වටිනාම වස්තුව වන අප දරුවාගේ ජීවිතය විනාඩි 10 ක් 15ක් වැනි ඉතා සුළු කාල පරාසයක් තුල ඉතා ඉක්මනින් බේරා ගැනීම සඳහා උර දුන් දෙවිකෙනෙකු බඳු වෛද්‍ය අජිත් රාජපක්‍ෂ මහාතාටත් වෛද්‍ය සමන් කුමාර මහතාටත් මුලින්ම මාගේ ස්තූතිය පුද කිරීමට මෙය අවස්ථාවක් කරගන්නා අතර එ සඳහා ඇප කැප වූ සියලූම කාර්ය මණ්ඩලයට සහ NICU කාර්ය මණ්ඩලයට මගේ කෘතවේදී කාරුණික ස්තුතිය ඔබට පුදකර සිටිමි.

Mrs. Nadeesha Gamage & Mr. Nuwan Eranga

You are the caregivers, communicators, patients’ advocates and decision makers. You have become the around-the-clock best friends at the bedside, the calming voice, the familiar face full of compassion.  Thank you for being guardian angles to my baby boy.

As a nurse you play a very important role in the healthcare system. Oftentimes you might be the first interaction a patient has when they enter a hospital or a clinic.

I would like to thank the NICU staff members for being on the front line of child care. Thank you for your kindness, dedication and healing touch. Thank you for always putting your patients first no matter how gruelling your day. We thank you for providing an empathic ear and compassionate hand when a little life-changing diagnosis is delivered. We thank you for being a rock when waters get rough and we’re fighting for our lives.

Thank you,
yours faithfully,

Mr. M.D.D Manjua

We received outstanding services from the labour room staff as well as our doctor Mr. Vijith Vidyabashana. I actually do not have words to explain the service provided to us by the well trained staff at the labour room at Ninewells. The staff treated us with excellent hospitality and due diligence. I would like to recommend Ninewells to my friends, relatives and neighbours.

I am very happy with their service and I wish all the best to the staff.

Mr.N.K.W. Wijedasa & Mrs.W.P.M.D.A. perera

My daughter (4 days old) was admitted to Ninewells Hospital on 13.10.2017 and transferred to the NICU on the same day due to yellowing & fever.  My little one stayed there for two nights. I was very stressed out about my child as a first time parent but I was really impressed with the kind service given to us by the NICU staff members.

The NICU staff was really kind and looked after my child as if it were their own child. Their care and attention towards my child was a relief to my husband and I. Also as a first time mother, I had a  lack of knowledge about breast feeding and cup feeding. But I learned a lot about breast feeding from the NICU staff members.

I take this opportunity to thank all the NICU staff members for caring for my child & teaching me about breast feeding. I would also like to thank to Dr. Buddika Jayasinghe for his special attention towards my child.

Mr. Suresh & Mrs. Priyani

This is our first baby who came to us after 5 years of our marriage. During the pregnancy all our scans were good. He was in very good condition and the delivery was also good . A few hours after his birth, the doctors found that he had a breathing problem. We lost our hopes for few minutes after that detection. The doctors took immediate action to support his breathing and he was admitted to the NICU. Our first day at the NICU was a long. The NICU begain investigating the cause of the problem. After one day they decided that the problem was due to an infection of the lungs.

We discussed this with the NICU staff and they clearly said the baby will recover without any long term disease. Their words gave us hope. Also both doctors (Dr. Nilan and Dr. Saman) updated me about the condition of the baby. Today we are able to take our son with us.

Thank you very much for your very kind and helpful NICU staff and Dr. Nalin and Dr. Saman.

Mr.S. Chaminda

We were really impressed by kindness of the staff of the NICU when our new born baby was transferred to your unit. All the nursing staff, including the senior sisters were really helpful. It is really a service rather than a job.

We were so confident and satisfied that “our most valuable thing in life” was in very safe hands and a safe environment. That really helped us remain calm and hopeful as we had our first baby by a pre-mature delivery.

He was in a very critical condition 4 days after he was born, but I am really pleased with his present condition.

Thank you so much for your around the clock duty which is not lower than any humanitarian mission in this world. I wish for you and your families to be blessed with success and happiness.

Thank you and god bless,